ELMS Interface

Is Your Department a Member of the MS Academic Alliance?

Member departments in the Microsoft Academic Alliance program (http://www.msdnaa.net/) have the option to provide software to their students and faculty free of charge for use on personal computers. The ELMS system (http://msdn.e-academy.com/) which controls this software marketplace requires that each department maintain an accurate list of its eligible users. This tool provides a list of all of your currently registered students and faculty on payroll.

How Do I Use the ELMS tool?

Simply click on the link above to login. Then select your department. A lists of all students currently enrolled in your courses and faculty within your department will be generated. Please note that by design the students listed consist of ANYONE taking one of your courses -- it will not be limited to students enrolled in one of your programs. This list is updated daily. ELMS users will need to click on the option to "Download as txt file" on the right -- use this to download a .txt document you can use to upload your current list into ELMS.

Software Packages available

We're a Member of MSDNAA -- how do I get access?

System Administrators of departments with active MSDNAA contracts are the only ones with access to this tool. If you're one of these system administrators, but find that you can't login, please email wolftech-webmaster@ncsu.edu to request access.

I'm a student in department XXX -- how do I get access to ELMS?

Please speak to the IT staff in your department. If you're an ECE student, please refer to this website for details on the program and your eligibility: http://www.wolftech.ncsu.edu/msdnaa/.