NC State Public Data Feeds

WolfTech provides as a free service data feeds of some publicly available NC State University information.

Feeds are generally presented in both an XML (Extensible Markup Language) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. Additionally many of our feeds have customizable filters to better hone the data returned to your needs, decreasing load times and parsing complexity on your end.

Current Feeds

This is a listing of all the feeds WolfTech currently serves.

Harris Hall Registrar Calendar Feed
The data provided in this feed comes from the Academic and Exam Calendars that are publicly available through Registration & Records at NC State University.

Administrative Services III Research Grants Feed
The data provided in this feed comes from NC State Research Administration and is used to produce Research Project reports. While initially created to ease a requirement of the College of Engineering's Deans Office, we offer this tool for use by any NC State department.