Grants Report Generator Interface

Grants Reporting Services

Grants Report Generator v1.5 uses information provided by Research Administration ( to produce a Research Project report. While initially created to ease a requirement of the College of Engineering's Deans Office, we offer this tool for use by any NC State department.

We also offer this tool out for possible use by:

  • Departmental Webmasters looking for an easy way to generate a webpage of their department's current research projects.
  • Any other departmental/college administrators who might be looking for an easy method to generate a simple report of yearly research efforts; and to cut down on the time required to collect this information for departmental yearly Faculty Activity Reports.

Report Output Options

There are two forms of grant reporting. The first is that offered by this tool using the form found on the "generator" page. This method simply outputs all associated grants based on the input search criteria. The results from this search can be filtered using the options available on the resulting page. The results can also be bookmarked and exported to Microsoft Word or PDF documents.

The second method of grants reporting is to use the XML feed provided by the Wolftech Feeds Tool. This method outputs the same information as the generator page in an XML format. Departmental webmasters may use this to automatically generate webpages. Details on this feed can also be found on the instructions page.

Application Revisions

  • 4/3/12 - v1.5 - Report generation streamlined to be much faster. Added the ability to view and revise alternate abstracts for projects. Removed generator option for XML because of duplicate functionality in Wolftech Feeds Tool. Replaced color coding functionality with display filter. Added the ability to export reports as Microsoft Word and PDF documents. Changed report page so that generated reports may be bookmarked.
  • 7/2/10 - v1.4 - Updated max length to 150 characters. Also fixed an error causing incorrect project totals to be displayed.
  • 2/20/09 - v1.3 - New layout for application.
  • 6/12/06 - v1.2 - Added ability to view project id. Should help track down information on project within R.A.D.A.R. Added ability to disable color coding.
  • 6/12/06 - v1.1 - Query updated to use the department affiliation provided by the PI at the time of project creation, rather than the 'default' PI/department association. Helps remove issues with PIs who have dual appointments. Should increase precision of the report.
  • 5/31/06 - v1.0 - Grant Report Generator released for public usage.