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TownCrier v2.0

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Since 2003, TownCrier has provided a way for departments, administrative units, research groups, and other segments of the campus community to quickly and easily post news announcements on their webpages. Combined with the TechTalk seminar management tool, these two WolfTech web-based applications allowed anyone with an NC State University ID to post news or seminar announcements for everyone to see.

Like with any piece of software, there is always room for improvement. With that in mind, WolfTech proudly presents TownCrier v2!

One of the main changes in TownCrier v2 is that TownCrier now handles both news and seminar announcements without the need of a second tool. In addition to this, TownCrier v2 also allows users to insert calendar entries to appear on the brand new calendar features that TownCrier area managers will be able to display on their websites.

When developing TownCrier v2, one of the main goals was making the administrative process easier for area managers. In the original TownCrier and Tech Talk, only one user could be assigned to be the area manager of a group. This person was then solely responsible for the area's upkeep and making sure the proper news was approved. In this version, TownCrier allows areas to have multiple managers, giving the option of having one person be completely in charge of the area or allowing sharing the load with others.

Editing a news, seminar, and/or calendar event is now easier than ever before as well. Instead of needing someone here at WolfTech to approve your edit like in the original TownCrier, TownCrier v2 allows area managers to edit any post that appears (or may potentially appear) in their area whenever they wish.

TownCrier v2 also allows anyone with an NC State University ID to subscribe to a TownCrier area. If an area manager posts or approves a new announcement, or edits an old announcement this change is logged by TownCrier. Then, once a night an e-mail is sent out to your area's subscribers, showing them all the announcements that have been approved in your area during that day. If another area manager is subscribed to your area, he or she may see a piece of news in the nightly e-mail that they believe would be very useful in his/her section as well. In this case, that second area manager is able to use a link found in that mailing that will transfer a copy of the article to that area manager's area. It's confusing to explain, but easy to use.

Please update all your TownCrier related bookmarks so that they point to If you have any questions, please contact the WolfTech Web Team via e-mail.